"Не к новому, не к старому, а к нужному" - Владимир Евграфович Татлин (1885-1953) – советский художник, архитектор, дизайнер, глава отдела материальной культуры Наркомпроса, метафизик.

The True Friends of Magick fanclub. Part 1. The Raven King

Formerly known as John Uskglass and once the faerie king of Britain. Character taken from one of my favourite novels Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.
The Raven King's early years are obscure. He claimed to be the only surviving member of an aristocratic Norman family who owned land in the north of England. The men of his family had been deprived of their lands and their lives by an enemy named Hubert de Cotentin; the King's father, also named John Uskglass, had appealed to King William II for justice but had received none. Shortly afterward, John Uskglass the elder had been murdered by Hubert. The King himself was taken by Hubert's men and left to die in the woods, where the Daoine Sidhe found him and took him to live with them. He became the favorite foster child of the fairy king traditionally known as Oberon, and received an excellent magical education.

The Raven Volant is the principal heraldic device of John Uskglass, King of Northern England and of Other Lands. We are told "John Uskglass's arns shewed a Raven-in-Flight upon a white field (Argent, Raven Volant)". The words in parentheses are the correct description as a herald would give it - "argent" meaning "silver or white" and "volant" meaning "flying".

It is commonplace for those loyal to the king to demonstrate their allegiance by adopting a variation of his arms - William of Lanchester, his great friend and seneschal, did the same. As of course did the reprehensible Johannites.

Venetian blinds with ravens

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